Passion Project #2: Julie-Ann Burkhart + Birdswell Apparel Collection

Turn you “passion project” into a business

Is there something you do on the side that you really, really love and wish someone would pay you to do?

It doesn’t have to be a pipedream. You can make your passion a reality, whether you decide to use it as a creative outlet or to support yourself. And you can learn how in a new online event, Strategies for Creative Freelancers (which will be held on Tues. Oct 29, 2013) where you will hear from 3 designers who have turned their hobby or “passion project” into something that feeds them!

Julie-Ann Burkhart is one of the freelancers who will be sharing her experience.  She’s a birdswell_logosurfer with a day job as an in house designer. While she was freelancing, she took the leap to start BirdSwell, which combines her passions: art, design and surfing. 

She started by making T-shirts with her surf-inspired designs although she wasn’t sure anyone would buy them. Four years later, she has a surf-inspired clothing and apparel collection and is making a nice chunk of change from it every year.

“Designing is not my job; it is my passion!” says Julie-Ann. And in her presentation on October 29, you will hear that passion as she talks about:

  1. Where her idea came from and who convinced her to take it seriously
  2. How she started and who helped her
  3. What she had to quickly learn once she realized there was real interest in her T-shirtsBirdswell hoodies
  4. Where she is today and how her passion project adapts to her changing lifestyle and goals

Julie-Ann will also share the resources she found most useful. And because this event is virtual, you’ll have a chance to ask your questions. Sign up here and get $50 off with promo code “CFFALL2013”.

Join us on Oct. 29 for this and much more, including:

  • Danita Reynolds, who turned her passion project into a retail toy store
  • Nikita Prokhorov, who turned his passion for Ambigrams into a book publishing contract (and more!)
  • Copywriter, Tom Tumbusch, on how he uses Evernote to be more productive.
  • Designer, Lidia Varesco Racoma, on how she used Evernote to launch her passion project into a new business.
  • Dana Manciagli, author of Cut the Crap, Get a Job, on the selling and networking strategies you need to make any of this happen
  • Jill Anderson, web designer for designers, who attended CFC for the first time in 2013 and already has 6 projects from connections she made in June

Sign up now and get $50 off with promo code “CFFALL2013”.