Passion Project #1: Nikita Prokhorov + Ambigrams

Do you have a “passion project?”

You know, something you do on the side that you really, really love and wish you could get paid to do?

Well, you can.

In a new online event scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, Strategies for Creative Freelancers (details here) we’ll be hearing from 3 designers who have taken their “passion project” seriously and watched it grow, sometimes into a sustainable business!

One of the freelancers who will be sharing his experience is Nikita Prokhorov, who fell in ambigrams-revealedlove with Ambigrams, wrote a book about them, Ambigrams Revealed: A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Creating Typographic Art Using Optical Illusions, Symmetry and Visual Perception, and got it published by a major design book publisher!

In his presentation, Nikita will share:

  1. How he became interested in ambigrams
  2. How his passion project came about
  3. The personal and professional challenges he faced
  4. Where he is today and where he’s going with his passion project.

He’ll also share the strategies he learned so you can pursue your passion too. And because this event is virtual, you’ll have a chance to ask your questions.

It’s one of 4 tracks in a day of virtual presentations. See the entire agenda and sign up here + get $50 off with promo code “CFFALL2013”.

Here’s who else is sharing their insights and strategies:

  • Julie-Ann Burkhart, who turned her passion for surfing and playing mandolin into a side business that feeds her creativity and makes money too!
  • Danita Reynolds, who turned her passion project into a retail toy store
  • Copywriter, Tom Tumbusch, will present on how he uses Evernote to be more productive.
  • Designer, Lidia Varesco Racoma, will share how she used Evernote to launch her passion project into a new business.
  • Dana Manciagli, author of Cut the Crap, Get a JOB, will give a live presentation on the selling and networking strategies you need to make any of this happen
  • Jill Anderson, web designer for designers, who attended CFC for the first time in 2013, will talk about how she already has 6 projects from connections she made in June