[Podcast] The Coin Counter and Other Bad Clients

Creative Freelancer Business ConferenceHave you met the Coin Counter?

In this podcast interview with Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun, Doug Dolan offers some lessons learned (the hard way) on how to make the distinction between bad clients, and clients behaving badly.

As an example, Doug talks about the coin counter. When it comes to cheap clients, Doug realized he’s never had a successful relationship with a client who asks about price in the opening communication. (He tells a funny story about a seemingly good prospect who asked for a “price list” for his writing services.) Want to know how to respond when someone asks for a price? Listen to Doug’s response.

When people cannot get past price, Doug believes it’s unlikely they will ever miraculously start valuing your insights or what you bring to the table.

This is a sneak preview of Doug’s upcoming CFBC/HOW Live session, Solving Your Biggest Creative Problem: The Client. What this session is really about is how to detect who will or won’t value your services and how to distinguish them from the outset so you don’t waste your time — and theirs.

If you want to hear about other bad clients, like the Absolute Beginner, the Mouse Grabber, the Carrot Dangler and many more hysterical and totally true archetypes, listen to this podcast interview.

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