Graphic Design Rates: Are Your Prices Too Low?

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And is that damaging your business?

That’s just one of the issues I covered in my recent interview with Jason Blumer of Blumer CPAs, as part of the Creative Freelancer Business Conference/HOW Live Speaker Podcast series.

Jason is speaking at CFBC (on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 in Boston) on The Intimacies of Pricing Your Customer and in our conversation, he begins to explain this very interesting concept: that “pricing the customer” as an intimate act.  (Listen here…)

We talked a lot about valuing your services and how to price based on that value. Says Blumer, “Creative people struggle with assigning a value to what they do and putting a price on it.”

What is valuable to you and to your client? It’s challenging because it’s subjective so you can’t do it until you get into the depths of what your client values. You already dive into the world of the customer for the creative process. But business has intimacies too and you can help your client discover what they value and then be bold enough to assign a price to that. “

Setting graphic design rates is a very rich topic and I kept thinking of questions to ask, so we also talked about:

  • The psychology behind pricing (yours and theirs!)
  • How to increase your prices. And should you just “double your prices” like many coaches suggest? Won’t you lose clients when you increase your prices?
  • Is there a “going rate” for any project?
  • Should you use high prices to get rid of clients instead of gracefully declining a project?

In Jason’s CFBC session, he’ll go into more detail especially about value pricing, plus:

  • anchor pricing and other standard techniques (that many designers don’t use)
  • How to rightly price your value.
  • How to align with your clients and how pricing is affected by alignment (or lack thereof).

It’s going to be a great session so I hope to see you there. You can still use my personal promotion code (ILISE14) for an extra $50 off. So check out the rest of the schedule and sign up here:

And you can find details about Jason at and you can get his free ebook on “growth strategies for creatives” at and follow him on Twitter @jasonmblumer

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