[Podcast] Survival for Your Soul with Alina Wheeler at CFBC 2014

“My life has been a series of reinventions, some of which have been wildly successful and some of which have been a disaster.”

That’s how Alina Wheeler started our conversation when we hopped on Skype the other day to talk about her upcoming session “Ready, Set, Reinvent” at The Creative Freelancer Business Conference/HOW Design Live (She is scheduled to speak on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 in Boston.)

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Most people know Alina by her book, “Designing Brand Identity,” a global resource for anyone trying to revitalize a brand – a form of reinvention in itself.

But did you know that, according to one of her friends, Alina has reinvented herself 17 times. I for one didn’t know that when I invited her to speak on the topic at this year’s conference; I just knew she’d be the right person for this very important and timely topic.

“At this point, most of us can’t afford not to reinvent ourselves. I really do think it’s a necessity right now – it’s about survival.”  She quotes a recent study that said 65% of the jobs in the near future have not yet been defined.

Even graphic design has reinvented itself. (In our conversation, she explains how.)

So wait, let’s take a step back. What is reinvention?

Here’s Alina’s definition: “Reinvention is a process by which you chart a new direction for your life. It could be evolutionary or revolutionary. You could be responding to changes or just listening to your heart in a new way.“

In our conversation (listen to the podcast here) we talked about a few different examples of people (and design firms) who’ve reinvented themselves and in her session she’ll be sharing many more.

Plus, the 3 Main Take-Aways of her session will be:

  1. A logical framework to determine whether you are ready to reinvent yourself.
  2. A badge of courage to do the thing you know you must do.
  3. A great dollop of inspiration to jumpstart your dreams.

I’m inspired already (especially when you hear her talking about it). I do hope to see you there. Use my promo code for $50 off: ILISE14 when you sign up here.

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