Professional Headshots – What a Difference!

Deidre RienzoI needed a new headshot. Like fellow CFBC attendee, Jill Anderson, mine was old.

But, unlike Jill, who hired a professional photographer, I had my husband take a picture of me with my iPhone against my office door!


Did I know I should find a real photographer? Yes. But time kept passing, and my picture kept getting older. So I slapped the iPhone pic on my website. While it was better than my super-old shot (in which I was probably holding a beer) – it was still a shoddy picture taken with an iPhone, by my non-photographer husband. It’s like generic ketchup in a land of Heinz. Noticeably crappier.

So when I heard the incredible Evi Abeler was doing head shots at CFBC, for a ridiculously affordable price, it was a no-brainer. Her schedule filled up quickly, and I snagged a slot. I was nervous, but my CFBC roomie, Liesl Wiederkehr, had a slot right before me. We went together.

I dislike being in pictures. I pretty much hate every picture that’s taken of me. Yet somehow, I don’t hate this one.

If it weren’t a picture of me—I’d actually really like it! And that’s because Evi Abeler is awesome.

After (headshot by the talented Evi Abeler)

After (headshot by the talented Evi Abeler)

She’s obviously talented – but beyond that, she made me feel comfortable. She provided guidance and instructed me on how to pose. I had so many shots to choose from—I couldn’t believe how much Evi accomplished in such a short time! When it was over, I checked my watch. 10 minutes on the dot! Professional, sweet and prompt!

I think I might dye my hair purple, just so I have an excuse to get more headshots and work with Evi again. She loves her work and has a major gift. What a cool experience. Thank you, Evi!

Think you can have your husband take an iPhone picture of you? Think again. After my 10-minute glimpse into Evi’s work, I know now how ridiculous that was.

Did you get a headshot from Evi at CFBC? Post the link here!