Proposal Due This Week? Read These 2 Articles First.

Designer's Proposal Bundle (Vol. 2)If you’re working on a proposal this week (and even if you’re not), check out these new articles and make sure your next freelance proposal is a “winning” proposal — otherwise, it’s a waste of your time!

Here are excerpts…

On, read “Should I Even Write That Proposal?

Many of the problems that arise over the course of a design project can be traced back to choosing the wrong clients in the first place. And many of the proposals you don’t win can be attributed to a practice of submitting proposals for projects you have little chance of winning. Writing proposals is very time-consuming, so just because someone asks for a proposal doesn’t mean you should always provide it. It’s essential to qualify your prospects first. That way, you only spend your time writing proposals for the ones who are most likely to choose you.….read more here.

On SEO Copywriting, read, “Freelance Copywriting Proposals: 10 Questions to Ask First & 4 Types to Write

Do you ever sit down to write a freelance copywriting proposal only to realize that you don’t have enough – or the right – information from the client to submit the best proposal that you can?

It’s not their fault. If you agree to write one, it’s your responsibility to make sure you get what you need – whether through a questionnaire or a brief phone call – before you invest the time in writing a proposal, which you should never agree to do lightly.

This checklist will make it easier to get the crucial details you need to write the strongest possible freelance proposal to win you the job….find the checklist and read the rest here.

Plus a few resources:

1. Download the Designer’s Proposal Bundles (Volume 1 and new for 2014, Volume 2).

2. From HOW Design Live, download the PPT for my session, Best Practices for Proposalsbest_practices_for_proposals image