Proposal Tips for Creative Professionals

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11From the blog of Peter Giffen, writer and editor, I love his take on Requests for Proposals or, as he refers to them, “Request for Perplexity.” Here’s an excerpt from his post entitled, “Why Do RFPs Hurt So Much?”:

Don’t Be More Corporate Than the Client
Clients hire agencies because they are creative and strategic, not because they are bland and corporate.

You’ve seen some agencies react to the detailed, quasi-legal language of RFPs with even more detailed, eye-watering responses. And you’ve heard evaluators later admit they couldn’t make it through some of the massive agency responses.

The response to an RFP has to show how well the agency can communicate in words. The response needs to stand out in the same way that the agency’s proposed design and branding solutions will.

Be the cutter, not the clutter.

Read Peter’s entire post here….

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