How Good Are Prospects Who Find You Online?

The Coin Counter by Iain Keith MurrayYou probably spend a lot of time perfecting your website, creating relevant content and searching for the perfect “keywords”—but how important is this, really?

In other words, if prospects find you purely through a web search, will they be good clients who value your services? Or will they be “Coin Counters?”

In this podcast interview, CFBC host, Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor, talks with speaker, Doug Dolan, about a myriad of bad clients, including—you guessed it—the web searcher, just one of many he’ll be describing in excruciatingly familiar detail in his CFBC session, Solving Your Biggest Creative Problem: The Client.

The lesson: put less weight on “being found” on the web and more on being visible in the right places, where a discerning potential client is likely to look.

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