Are You a Reluctant Networker Too?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planTiffany Estes of Whole Brain Creative in Portland, Oregon is a veteran CFBC attendee. So you would think she’s an intrepid networker too.

Not so much, as you will see in her recent blog post for the Freelancers Union blog, The Reluctant Networker. Here’s an excerpt:

 “I’m afraid of getting trapped with somebody,” I said. “What if no one will talk to me?” I asked. “And how can I politely just ‘bust in’ on a group if there are no other awkward singles like me wandering around?” I queried.

Read the rest here….to see how she overcame those fears.

And, if you’re in Portland, available this Thursday, January 23 and you need some practice with your own networking in a safe, freelancer-friendly environment, check out this Freelancers Union workshop that Tiffany is facilitating: Thriving Networks: Marketing & Connecting That Works.