Article/Podcast Round Up: Self Promotion & Pricing for Creative Pros

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11I can’t take credit for this idea but recently a neighbor of mine suggested I record some of the articles I’ve written over the years.

So I created a podcast series I’m calling, Audio Articles, and I’ve started with some of the tried and true, feature articles I’ve written for HOW Magazine. Here are the first 5 episodes:

1. Five Steps to Finding the Right Clients (from HOW Magazine September, 2012) (Download the text here.)

2. The Art & Science of Pricing (from HOW Magazine, November 2011) (Download the text here).

3. Closing the Deal (from HOW Magazine, October 2009) (Download the text here.)

4. Four Step Guide to Content Marketing (from HOW Magazine, September 2013) (Download the text here.)

5. Film School: How to Bring Movie Magic to Your Self Promotion Strategy (from HOW Magazine, Film_school_OnlineAugust 2014) (Download the text here.)