Step Away From Your Website

jill-anderson-circleCan you see your website through objective eyes?

Like most of the work we do, it’s hard to be objective about our own website. We either designed it ourselves, or played a big role in the process. We made decisions and ultimately had a site we liked enough to use. Eventually, we breathed a sigh of relief and launched. Victory!

Our website is great … until … time goes by.

More time passes … and we think, “My site is fine.”

Except in reality, it’s old.

It’s hard to devote time to our own websites, let alone be objective about them. But it’s so important that we make time. Old sites aren’t the best way to reflect our businesses, and they’re certainly not easy to use or update.

Honest assessment can be tricky, and this got me thinking about how to separate feelings from the process of deciding: Is my website old?

From a design point of view, it’s time for a new website if…(read 8 Clues Your Website Belongs with the Dinosaurs“)

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