Time for a Marketing Reboot?

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11If your marketing has slowed down lately, you’re not alone — and there are lots of possible reasons why….

It could be the effect of the summer lull.

Or maybe you’re coming off a monster project that consumed every bit of your time and energy and you literally couldn’t focus on anything else while it was going on. That does happen but when it does, there’s a price to pay.

Bryn Mooth wrote recently on the TCG Blog about what happened when she finished writing her first cookbook and realized that her pipeline had gone dry. Smartly, she took advantage of the experience, got some tips from fellow freelancers, Tom Tumbusch, Alisa Bonsignore and Dawn Mitchell, and passed them along so we can all learn from their experience.

In her article she ticked off 7 things you can do when you find yourself in that scary situation, including:

  • Avoiding the problem
  • Planning ahead
  • Capitalizing on past work
  • Trumpeting the Monster project

I had a similar experience earlier this year when I took on a 6-month project to develop curriculum for a new event series for the Freelancers Union, Freelance 360. I scaled back my mentoring so I could devote time to the project. Luckily, I didn’t stop marketing altogether. I kept up my blogging here and on my own blog, as well as sending out my Quick Tips. When the project was over, all I had to do was put my foot on the gas — the motor was still running so it wasn’t long before my plate was full again.

That’s the key. If you drop all marketing, even for a really good reason, it’s very hard to get back up on that particular horse. (Forgive the mixed metaphors!)

Here’s a tool that can help, whether you’re coming off a big project or just need to get back into the Marketing Plan for Creative Professionalsmarketing swing of things once the summer is over: check out the 2014 Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals. You can start it anytime…and extend it beyond 2014.

Or, if you need some training, check out Ed Gandia’s DIY training programs: