[Podcast] How to Detect Clients Who Suck Your Time

300x300 Effortless Productivity bannerver2We all have experiences with that type of client, of course, but hopefully they’re not all like that.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could detect those people in advance, so you can charge more?

In the latest podcast interview with Ed Gandia, who spoke at CFC in Boston in 2012, we came up with a few strategies to handle those clients who need more of your time than you budgeted for:

  • Put prospects through a qualifying process that will raise the red flags to reveal their “tells” so you can at least include the extra time/effort in your pricing. (For example, if they’re not well organized when they come to you with their needs….)
  • Make sure to set clear and realistic expectations so clients understand how you work.
  • Set up (and enforce) boundaries (for clients and family) then adhere to them religiously.

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