6 Ways to Tell When It’s Time for a Website Redesign


by Nancy Ruzow

My website was way past its prime. I knew it for a while. Heck, I subscribe to industry magazines and stay on top of trends; I don’t live in a bubble! But I was busy with client projects. And time kept passing by. I was a self-admitted shoemaker’s child—creating relevant designs for my clients while having a website with holes in the soles. Finally, I had to act. The reasons in favor of a website redesign became undeniable.


What finally motivated this designer to redesign her own website? Here are 6 factors. Perhaps you can relate. You know it’s time for a redesign if…

Google can’t find it. We all know Google favors responsive websites and regularly-updated content. While my old site was missing both marks, my new site is responsive and has a blog I can easily update. (And I have been!) As for SEO, I’m already on the first page for “Graphic Designer Westport CT.” Drastic improvement!

Your portfolio is hidden. Is finding relevant samples simple for visitors? When a prospective client wanted to see my work, it was like embarking on a game of hide-and-seek. Easy-perusing of my new portfolio was a priority.


Testimonials are M.I.A. Is it evident that clients enjoy working with you? I’d been in business for 30+ years, but the fact that I have great relationships was near-invisible on my old site.

It is difficult to update. Adding new content was laborious on my old site—which means I didn’t do it as often as I should (ahem, it has been a few years). Now, it’s painless. New projects, testimonials and services can be added in a snap.

It doesn’t accurately reflect your business. Even though we don’t look at our own websites too often—potential clients do frequently. My outdated site was seriously missing the mark; my business of today is totally different than the one represented on my old site. I honed in on the message and well as the visual.

It doesn’t set the stage for client intake. Maybe you prefer clients to call or email you to discuss a project. I don’t mind either of those things, but if a potential client is serious, I’d prefer they fill out an estimate form—so I added one.


Why am I sharing this? Because you should not put if off any longer — even though you are busy, even though clients need you, even though you’ve got so many deadlines you can’t even see straight. My new website is a far better representation of my business; I should have done it sooner. So if you hear the reasons in-favor of redesign, move yourself to the top of your client list — even scheduling an hour a day to work on it is moving in the right direction.

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