Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Designers & Creative Pros

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11I am often asked by clients which social media platforms designers and other creative professionals should spend their time and effort on.

It’s not an easy answer because the question itself is the problem. The choice of which social media platform is not based on who’s providing the content but on who’s using or “consuming” it.

That’s why, when Marc Harmon, editor of Creative Grit Media, a new blog and podcastseries for creative professionals, asked me to answer that question, I said this:

 ”The question you have to answer before deciding which social media platform(s) to be on is: where are your best clients and prospects?

For example, if you are targeting photography buyers, then Instagram might be the place for you.

That said, in general, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for business purposes. It’s essentially a database of professionals where you can find out details you can use to connect with people personally. Plus, when clients and prospects move from one position or company to another, you don’t lose track of anyone anymore because their LinkedIn profile allows you to keep track of them.

Social media image

Also, the most important element of your own LinkedIn profile is your “title” — that short line under your name. Use it to identify what you do and for whom. It’s the part of your profile that is visible everywhere on LinkedIn so it must make the clearest statement about you to drive traffic to your profile.”

He also interviewed other consultants in the creative space and got completely different answers. One pointed to and the other pointed to Twitter. I agree with both of them but it really depends on who you’re marketing to.

Read the rest here…and let us know which ones you think are best and why.