[Video] Blog to Book: How Do You Turn Your Blog into an EBook?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planLaura M. Foley is one of the most generous freelancers I know.

She’s been to almost every Creative Freelancer Business Conference and every year she is one of the many freelancers who personify the “we’re all in this together” sharing attitude so many attendees bring to the conference, making it a win/win for everyone. (BTW Early bird deadline is this Tuesday, Feb 11, so use ILISE14 for an extra $50 off.)

Turn Your Blog into an Ebook? from Marketing Mentor on Vimeo.

In our recent video interview, she’s sharing even more, including:

  • how (and why) she defined her positioning as a presentation design specialist
  • how she uses her marketing tools (monthly email newsletter, ebook and slide makeovers) to engage her ideal prospects
  • how she went from blog to book and turned her blog posts into an ebook that gets her 10 new prospects per week
  • why on earth she recently turned down lucrative print jobs from past clients

Lest you think writing an ebook is too much work, Laura also explains how it took her Laura Foley med cdbyppt-book-coverexactly 1 day to pull it together from existing blog posts.

If you like what you hear, come learn more from Laura at HOWLive/CFBC this year where she will be part of Freelancers Speak on Work/Life Balance.

She’ll also be there with her 2 accountability buddies to share how they keep each other on track with a regular call (and what kind of punishment” is exacted when they veer off track).

Subscribe to her “Design Dispatch” at lauramfoley.com and get a copy of her ebook.