Two visitors, two calls-to-action

jill-anderson-circleYour website can have the world’s most awesome content. But if you’re not giving readers a next step—what’s the point?

For a website to work (funnel ideal clients and projects, weed out tire-kickers, gather info and save you time)—it’s got to ask something of your visitors and encourage a next step.

But not all visitors are the same. Some are planners, some are builders.

To really connect, you need a specific approach for each. It’s the same reason you give a hungry kid a snack—but give a tired kid a nap. They’re both kids, but they have different needs.

In my post on the Marketing Mix Blog, Calling “planners” and “builders” to action, I define each type of visitor, their unique needs, and how you can call them to action. Read that here….

And for more on “conversion-focused web sites,” listen to this session from HOW Design Live by A Website that WorksMark O’Brien, President of and author of “A Web Site That Works.”