Want a fabulous free report? Here’s how…

jill-anderson-circleWhat’s for dinner? I don’t really mind.

What should a free report be about? Now that’s something I feel strongly about!

There are potential clients on your website who are eager for information. If you don’t have a free report, you’re missing a dreamy opportunity to engage them. So to help you get your free report started and finished, I answer these questions…

  1. What should it be about? Decide by pinpointing your clients’ pain points. What are they concerned about? What questions do they ask you? Then, give them info they really need. Don’t like writing? A copywriter can help.
  2. How much should I give away? The idea of giving away knowledge for free might scare you. It shouldn’t. See, you’re not actually giving it away for free—you’re trading it for an awesome prospect on your list (to whom you can showcase yourself as an expert). It’s very worthwhile if the person becomes a paying client.
  3. How long should it be?
  4. How do I set it up?
  5. How do I design it?

I answer the rest in my Marketing Mix post: Your Free Report: 5 Questions Answered, plus provide links to some excellent examples.

Have any other questions? Let me know.