Turn More Prospects into Paying Clients

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11Did you know that one of the biggest marketing challenges for creative professionals is turning prospects into paying clients.

That’s what we in the “marketing” business call “closing the sale.”

But often, when a creative pro comes to me for help, a major complaint I hear is, “I am losing too many good prospects. They just disappear and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t know how to close the sale.”

And it makes sense…how would you know if someone didn’t teach you?

It’s not like there’s a “selling” gene, right?

But if you’re going to survive as a creative business owner, whether as a freelancer or as the owner of your own firm, you must learn how to shepherd your prospects from “Yes, we’re interested,” to “Here’s your deposit.”

And the way to learn anything important is from someone who’s done it successfully, of course — someone with a bona fide system that is proven to work.

That’s why I’m excited to share an announcement from my good friend and colleague, Ed Gandia, who spoke at a recent Creative Freelancer Conference on the topic of “How to Craft a Marketing Plan That You’ll Actually Enjoy Implementing.” (You can find his handout from that session here.)

Over the years, as a B2B technology copywriter, Ed has consistently “closed” 80% or more of the work he quotes. Some years, that ratio has averaged over 90%.

How does he do that?

It’s not because he’s some sort of genius. Or a sales ninja. Or gifted in some way.

It’s because he has a system.

A simple system that takes much of the emotion and guesswork out of this nerve-wracking process … and enables him to optimize his efforts.

If this sounds intriguing, I hope you’ll check out the FREE webinar Ed is doing this week. It’s titled…

The Simple 5-Step System That Helps Me Close 80% (or More) of Every Project I Quote

This webinar will be packed with actionable information. It will run about 90 minutes, including live Q&A.

If you’re interested, reserve your spot today. Because Ed has only 500 spots available with GoToWebinar. So this training WILL fill up.

As for myself … I’ll definitely be there!

And even if you can’t attend live, this webinar WILL be recorded. So if the time doesn’t work with your schedule, register anyway and Ed will send you a replay link the next day.

See you there….