Work, Life and You: Are you staying sane?

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11I am in Portland Oregon this week with one of our CFC partners, the Freelancers Union (if you are not a member, join here — it’s free!), getting ready to moderate the first of the Freelance360 events (find them w/ #Freelance360).

This series of monthly LIVE networking events and education workshops has the ambitious goal of making a space for freelancers of all types — creative, technical, health-related and more — to share what they know about how to intentionally run a successful freelance life.

Our kick-off event happens tonight, November 21 — so if you’re in or near Portland, join us — RSVP here. Tonight’s topic, “Work, Life & You: How to Stay Sane and Manage All Three” is a panel presentation featuring 3 “expert freelancers” — Tiffany Estes (a CFC veteran), Mark Powers and Erin Cox — who will all be generously sharing hard-won tips, tools and tricks they’ve learned about how to life a full, integrated “360” life without being consumed by their work.

If you can’t make it, you can still learn. Some of their tips have already beens shared on the Freelancers Union blog — and here’s an excerpt.

3. Beat the isolation of freelancing by volunteering

Freelancing can be a bit lonely. Even if you’re working as a full-time freelancer at a company, people might act like you’re “different” and not part of their tribe. And if you work at home, it can be an effort to make sure your cat/fish/plant isn’t the only person you talk to today.

How did Tiffany combat freelance solitude? “I started doing a lot of volunteer work. That allowed me to meet people who became friends, clients, and business contacts.”

Volunteering in your community a) gets you out of your house, b) makes your community a better place, and c) lets you meet new people and learn new things. Visit VolunteerMatch to find a volunteering opportunity that suits you. 

Read the rest here and I hope you can join us tonight. And feel free to share your tips and tricks for making your work (and life) work for you!