WWYD….If A Client Had No Clue?

ilise-new-headshot-bug-1-11RED FLAG #2: NO CLUE

We recently started a new series of blog posts — WWYD for What Would You Do — to make it easier for you to share what you’ve learned with your freelancing friends.

Our first post was about 1 of many red flags we all come across: WWYD…if your prospect showed no respect? which was proven by all the conversation it generated here and on the CFC LinkedIn Group.

Today’s question is Red Flag #2: What would do (or what do you do) when your clients have no clue — about what they need, about how you can help, about how the process works, etc.?

These are not “bad” clients per se, it’s just that they take more time than the ones who are clued in. How do you deal with them? How do you educate them? Is it worth your time?

Find an example of what I mean here on the Marketing Mix Blog, where a few have already started commenting….