Creative Freelancer Conference

After (headshot by the talented Evi Abeler)

Professional Headshots – What a Difference!

I needed a new headshot. Like fellow CFBC attendee, Jill Anderson, mine was old. But, unlike Jill, who hired a professional photographer, I had my husband take a picture of me with my iPhone against my office door!   Did I know I should find a real photographer? Yes. But time kept passing, and...


Don’t Worry if You Missed HOW Design Live — Watch it Online!

Did you miss HOW Design Live in Boston? Or are you simply looking to attend sessions you missed? This is your chance: The best of HOW Design Live will be available online — from June 9-22, 2014 — including 2 CFBC sessions: Douglas Davis, Principle, The Davis Group LLC, and Assistant Professor, NYC College...


How Important is Self Confidence?

I’m doing final preparations today for my kick-off session tomorrow morning at The Creative Freelancer Business Conference and came across the column in the NY Times today by David Brooks: The Problem with Confidence, which I’ll be referring to in my talk because it is so relevant to creative professionals. Here’s an excerpt: The...