CFC How To: Jenny Poff Explains Finding Your Target Market

Freelancer and CFC Veteran, Jenny Poff, created this short explainer video to share what she learned at CFC 2013 about finding her target market. Jenny is also the founder of THE DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE, a free accountability group for solo creative professionals.

I noticed that a lot of solo creatives are struggling with defining their niche and target audiences. How can you grow your business, target prospects, or write your perfect pitch if you don’t know where you’re going or what you want your business to focus on.

I had this same trouble when entering my first CFC in Boston 2012. I didn’t know where my business was going or how i was going to get anywhere with it. I left Boston feeling empowered yet overwhelmed by all the different speakers and topics that were covered in two days. I wasn’t sure how to get started to figure it all out.

It came down to trial and error. 

I knew I had a story. I grew up with entrepreneurial parents and I’ve always been very co-dependent (I always want to help everyone). The result was helping small and independent business owners grow their business through marketing and branding strategies.

But what if you don’t have a story?

In our first session of the DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE (July-December group), there were designers who just couldn’t find their path, or figure out a starting point to figure out their niche or industry — they couldn’t figure out their own story.

It just so happened that I had a white board behind me for that Google+ Hangout session, and I just had to use it to share what I had just learned at CFC in San Fran 2013. I thought this might help my DR teammates figure out their starting point.

The result? The designers in the group said, “Oh!!!! Now I get it!” 

"Where are you going?"

“Where are you going?”

I just purchased this new tool called Videoscribe from Sparkol, a very easy app to make whiteboard movies. One of my clients is an independent real estate brokerage and we are planning on using this tool for buyer and seller tutorial. Soo to test it out I took my whiteboard brainstorm and digitized the ideas presented by each of our CFC 2013 speakers and turned it into one brainmap to help designers figure out their starting point.

So here’s the video, I hope you like it and please post a comment on it. I’d love to hear how you figured out your story, and/or if this video will help you dig into “where you are going”.


2 thoughts on “CFC How To: Jenny Poff Explains Finding Your Target Market

  1. Jill Anderson

    Love the video, Jenny! You touched on all the important points from CFC and made it super easy to understand how to narrow down your target market. I especially like the last point about the ‘dream client,’ prompting us to focus on those special qualities that we really love in a client.

    So, here’s my breakdown:

    SERVICE (Website design)
    WHO NEEDS THIS (creatives and their clients)
    SUPPLY & DEMAND (yes, this is a valid market!)
    DREAM CLIENT (graphic designers, copywriters and other creatives who are in that second phase of their business. They’ve been doing this a while and are really honing in on their niche market and specialties. They are in need of an updated web presence to support their updated marketing approach. These creatives also have their own clients in need of similar services.)

    Thanks again Jenny for this extremely helpful exercise!!