Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects

Damn GoodThe word “favorite” can be so subjective… so arbitrary. But this collection of designers’ favorite work is the best of the best—the work that is the best-looking, the highest profile, the smartest strategically. The pages of this book are stuffed full of projects that hit both of the requirements necessary for really outstanding work: passion and inspiration.

As authors Tim and Jason say in the introduction, “We really wanted to provide a wide view of the fantastic design that’s happening all over the world. The work between these covers spans 35 countries, and we dug deep to find not only great projects by well-known, successful firms, but also to ferret out the creative juices flowing in undiscovered corners, away from the spotlight.”

The book is divided into different chapters, including Print, Packaging, Identity and Mixed Media. Some of the projects even ended up on the cutting room floor for their original purpose, but the authors still believed they could be instructional or inspirational, so they didn’t let company politics or client whims get in the way of sharing really great work with you in this book.

Dive in to these 200+ pages of inspiration, and then get to work to create something of your own that is “damn good.” Plus, hear an introduction to the book itself from the authors.

Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects

by Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam

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