Fingerprint No. 2 by Josh Chen

Fingerprint No. 2, by Josh ChenWhat a gorgeous book! This was an idea that came about because the original Fingerprint was so popular, and people wanted more. So Chen Design Associates obliged, and have put together a second volume of the best and freshest handmade work out there. This time around, though, there is more of a focus on how designers are actually integrating handmade elements with computer work.

Check out the great chapters which include fun titles like Scissors & Tape; Wood, Iron & Fabric; Stencil, Copier & Sponge; Pen, Pencil & Brush; and Ink & Press. However, my absolute favorite part of this book is the cover. It’s a different binding style than we usually do, but it turned out beautifully, and you have to hold it in your hand to really appreciate it. The cover is made of chipboard and is screenprinted and debossed, with a foil stamp. It’s full of texture and perfectly represents the great work that is contained inside.

Oh, and one more detail I almost forgot—the book also includes intriguing essays by Colin Berry, Debbie Millman, Shanan Galligan, Robynne Raye, Christian Helms, and Stefan Bucher. I can’t recommend this book more highly. Check it out!

More About Fingerprint No. 2
For many designers, creating things by hand is a reaction to too much computer-based design. Since the first Fingerprint was published, ideas that were once on the fringe have begun to thrive in the mainstream. From typography and illustration to book-making and film titles, elements of handcraft have soaked into everyday life.

Fingerprint No. 2 reflects the evolution of those ideas.