5 Brilliant Books on Logo Design & Branding


Branding and logo design have been perpetually on my mind for the past few weeks. In need of inspiration to fuel my obsession, I turned to these great resources in MyDesignShop. I hope they tickle your fancy as well!

Identify: Basic Principles of Identity Design in the Iconic Trademarks of Chermayeff & Geismar

By Sagi Haviv, Tom Geismar, and Ivan Chermayeff

The NBC peacock. Chase Bank’s blue octagon. Mobil Oil’s arresting red ‘o.’ PBS’s poetic silhouettes of the everyman. Though Chermayeff & Geismar may not be a household name, its logos are pervasive in every corner of the world. (One identity – the official logo for the U.S. Bicentennial – even sits on Mars). The firm’s visual identities are an integral part of American culture, and instantly recognizable by countless millions. Authored by legendary designers Tom Geismar, Ivan Chermayeff and Sagi Haviv, Identify is the ultimate authoritative examination of the process, approach, and principles that result, time and time again, in identity design with the potential to become iconic, and thus succeed in representing a brand in the mind of the public for generations. Get it here. Y1292_new bk_new BK7 BK15

T9744Logograma: Logo Design for Dynamic Identities

By Wang Shaoqiang

A solid logo design can help you imbue your brand with that extra something. Learn how to create a logo that’s representative of your brand or organization and appeals to your audience withLogograma by Wang Shaoqiang. Inside this book is a wide variety of dynamic logos, each with an explanation of how changing the logo’s colors, form, and typography can affect the visual impact it has on audiences. Discover the constantly evolving nature of logo design, and how to effectively adapt your logos to rapidly changing and competitive environments. Get it here.


By Margaret Pott Hartwell & Joshua C. Chen

Archetypes in Branding: A Toolkit for Creatives and Strategists gives you an effective and incredibly practical tool for branding and marketing. Using a highly participatory approach tobranding strategies, combined with sixty beautiful (and incredibly useful) brand archetype cards, this kit helps you become a branding master. Get it here.

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Read an excerpt from Archetypes in Branding at PrintMag.com.


Los Logos

Edited by R. Klanten, M. Mischler, N. Bourquin

This softcover edition of Gestalten’s best-selling book of innovative logos offers a condensed edit of the popular hardbound book. Still offering over 1,700 cutting-edge examples illustrated by burgeoning design talent from around the world on over 300 full color pages, the book offers deep insights into a breadth of styles in contemporary logo design. The four main chapters, “Logos”, “Lettering”, “Typograms” and “Combinations” and the included index makes this book the perfect research tool for any self-respecting designer or cultural enthusiast. Get it here.

2ffec59a_1231424d1ab_-7dd42ffec59a_1231424d1ab_-7ddb2ffec59a_1231424d1ab_-7dd9 Los Logos is the first in a magnificent series of books, so be sure to check out Dos Logos and Tres Logos too!


Star Brands: A Brand Manager’s Guide to Build, Manage & Market Brands

By Carolina Rogoll

“In her position as both a brand manager at the world’s largest consumer goods company and as an educator in the world’s first graduate program in branding, Rogoll is uniquely qualified to reveal the wizardry behind the curtain and, in doing so, she bestows upon her reader the very tools necessary to grasp this elusive but ultimately attainable creative business process.”

Debbie Millman, President, Design Group, Sterling Brands

IS7742n this approachable, easy-to-use guide, author Carolina Rogoll illustrates the star brand model of building, managing and marketing any brand. She teaches a step-by-step, easy-to-understand process for assessing a brand’s unique challenge, defining the brand’s equity and target, crafting a solid brand growth strategy, and measuring success once the brand is in the marketplace. This book includes case studies from famous brands and interviews with leaders of several industries including business school professors, advertising agency leaders, and former CEOs.

The author combines her experience building brands at the front lines of a big multinational company with top-notch marketing and management theory. What results is an ideal primer for anyone seeking structured guidance on building a brand for a client, managing a brand, or even starting a brand for oneself. Get it here.


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