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Designing for Mobile: Mobile-Specific vs. Responsive Design

Editor’s Note: When designing for mobile, the first question that  usually comes to mind is whether a mobile-specific version should be built based on the desktop version or if the original site can be created so that it can adapt to use on various mobile devices. In this excerpt from his new book Mobile Web Designer’s...

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.59.07 AM

Keep Drawing: Freelance Illustration Advice from Kawaii Not

When I first started editing for HOW Books around a year and a half ago, the first book I chose as an editor’s pick was Meghan Murphy’s Kawaii Not, Too: Cute Gets Badder. If you’re not familiar, the book is Murphy’s second collection of Japanese-inspired cute comic strips of inanimate objects saying some pretty...


The Weekend Rules

A reminder for the weekend, excerpted from The Book of Rules by Joshua Belter: Alcohol and Written Electronic Messages The transmission of written electronic messages is prohibited whenever an individual has a blood alcohol content beyond the legal driving limit in the state in which he or she currently resides. Electronic messages consist of...

023 - Nobody Likes A Show Off

Horsing Around On a Friday Afternoon

 If you love dinosaurs, robots and action figures, then check out more hilarious toy comics from Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys by Aled Lewis, available now at MyDesignShop.    


Strategies for Tricky Client Negotiations

Looking for ideas for handling tricky client negotiations? Check out the article “12 Essential Negotiating Strategies for Consultants” posted on FastCoDesign, excerpted from David Sherwin’s Success By Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers.  The article covers advice for assessing what kind of leverage you have, keeping the big picture in mind, reaching compromises,...