Tiny Tones: Inka Mathew & the Pantone Matching System

Pantone Matching System experts, meet your soulmate. Inka Mathew, a graphic designer from Houston, is the color queen behind the Tiny PMS Match Instagram and Tumblr galleries and the upcoming book Tiny Pantone Objects. The initial idea for the project blossomed from, well, a blossom.


“One morning, my attention was captured by these intense bright blue little flowers that grew in my front garden,” Mathew says. “A question came to my mind: I wonder what Pantone Matching System color is that? My curiosity compelled me to pick a bloom and try finding a matching Pantone color for it. It was PMS 2726. I took a picture of the little flower on the matching Pantone chip with my iPhone and posted it on Instagram.”

140_CupcakeRingCharm_PMS7635411PP40fbYLFrom there, Mathew’s followers encouraged her to match other objects. She says the project has helped her pay attention to the little things, opening her eyes to the greater world around her. “I chose objects that either piqued my interest or had personal meaning to me… I’ve color matched many small objects from my son’s favorite cereal, to my husband’s cholesterol medication, to wild flowers blooming around my area.”

Mathew’s social media followers have told her that the images make them feel happy and relaxed, which motivates her to continue the project. Those interested in seeing all the matches in one place can find Tiny Pantone Objects on shelves from Abrams Books in May.


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