Smart Hiring Tactic

In his Business column in HOW’s July issue, design-firm principal turned business coach Peleg Top writes about smart hiring practices for design firms. One of his more unconventional recommendations is requiring job candidates to fill out a detailed application form—by hand—and to return it to you by mail or fax. Top writes:

If you choose to place an ad online and want to avoid a sea of unqualified responses, don’t make it too easy to apply. Ask candidates to submit a handwritten application by fax or snail mail, for example. Load the application with specific questions that will help you quickly assess the applicant’s style, attitude and communication skills. 


A candidate’s handwriting and way of treating the application should give you a gut indication of who he is as a person. How clean and organized is it? Does it appear that he took the time to answer or rushed through it? Did he communicate effectively? Does his personality come through?

Click here to download a sample Job Application that goes well beyond the standard resume and references to ask candidates pointed questions about their work style and habits.




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