Business Advice: Surviving a Tough Economy

HOW editor Bryn Mooth led a panel discussion for AIGA/Orange County’s Ultimate Promo Show. The panel, including design industry veterans Peleg Top, Steven Morris, Petrula Vrontikis, John Travis and Michael Hodgson, shared their advice and expertise on promoting their design businesses.

A major topic of discussion: how the slow economy will affect the design industry, and the steps these veterans are taking to thrive during lean times.

Steven Morris: We’re not going to change anything; we’re just going to keep doing all the things that we do all the time. I see it as an opportunity for growth: There will be small firms, even big firms, that aren’t doing the [marketing] things we’re talking about, and they’ll go by the wayside, which means more work for us to pick up.

Petrula Vrontikis: It’s been extremely helpful in these downturns to understand more about the economy, to understand which industries are struggling and which ones are thriving. It’s kind of like riding out the storm and using it as a bit of education.

Video courtesy of AIGA/OC and the Ultimate Promo Show.

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