CFC: Luke’s recap (it includes Snickerdoodles)

Luke MysseI recently spoke at the Creative Freelancers Conference put on by HOW and Marketing Mentor. I spent a week in Chicago and had some amazing things happen. It was truly one of the best trips I’ve been on and the best conference I’ve spoke at.

My talk was titled “To Plan or Not to Plan?” and my goal was to inspire the group in the room to dream big and think beyond themselves, to think beyond the fact that they are flying solo. I also challenged them to create a plan that included money basics, marketing needs versus wants and goals that were juicy in every detail. I “double dog dared” the audience to do something big this year; something so big that people would laugh at them when the announced this plan. Stay tuned for some stories about people taking the #CFCDare seriously.

My personal dare that I repeated multiple times on stage was “I’m gonna change the world.” I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet, but I can tell you that I’m making progress and I truly believe I will change the world. I mentioned that “success is a direction, not a destination.” My direction from here forward will be towards things that change the world. How’s that for a #CFCdare?

Beyond the thrill of the #CFCdare, Luke goes on to share highlights from his Chicago experience — that’s where he talks about Snickerdoodles. Read the rest here.


One thought on “CFC: Luke’s recap (it includes Snickerdoodles)

  1. Damien Golden

    ripples of the CFConf in Chicago~
    As others have commented, the conference was great in providing some information and know-how, but the after and in between hours is where relationships, mentorships and real connections clicked. And why not keep that going well after a weekend conference wraps up? It is so easy to go back to our caves, settle into our old work rythym and slowly let time push out all the fun, experience and enlightenment brought by the people at the conference in Chicago. A small group of us decided not to settle.

    Last Thursday, Amy, Liz, John (a programmer colleague of Amy’s) and I got together at the Frothy Monkey coffee shop in Nashville to keep the creative camaraderie going. And with a name like the Frothy Monkey – how could it not be a good time! I had the pleasure of meeting Amy and Liz via LinkedIn before CFC, but only had face time with Amy while in Chicago, so it was good to finally meet Liz and John. Not everyone could make the pow-wow but we decided we should definitely get together once a month and I encourage more to do so in their home town. It is rejuvenating to sit and converse with like-minded creatives and share work, family and business opportunities in an encouraging atmosphere. The invitation is open to any creative. That is what makes it so appealing. The next time we get together hopefully even more will be able to make it, yes Benji, I am talking to you! =)