Breakfast Roundtable Topics at CFC

There is no shortage of networking at the Creative Freelancer Conference (next week!). On Friday morning, June 24 , 8:00 am – 8:50 am (at the Hyatt Regency, Chicago, in the Grand Ballroom B, D, F.) join us for an hour of moderated but free-flowing discussions (with breakfast!) around hot topics of interest. (That’s right after our 6-7 AM Netwalking — plenty of time to shower and change.)

Here ‘s the incredible line up we’ve put together for this year, including some special guests who aren’t anywhere else on the program. (Plus anyone with an idea for discussion can start a roundtable on the spot.)

Battling Boredom and Burnout – How do you sustain a self-employed career over the long haul? How do you keep your creative spirit replenished? How do you continue to market yourself? How do you prevent boredom and burn out? We’ll talk about the ebbs and flows of client work, and the peaks and valleys of income. – Terri Lonier, Columbia College Chicago (founder and author of “Working Solo”)

Crowdsourcing and the effects it has on freelancing in the graphic design industry. – David Oldham, Pittsburg State University

Get Paid, Not Played: How We Can Tackle Deadbeat Clients – with Carolyn Silveira of the Freelancers Union

Too old to be a designer. – Since this blog post in April was the most popular in the history of the Creative Freelancer Blog, its author will lead a discussion (not a rant session!) on the topic. Laurel Black, Laurel Black Design

The Ideal Freelancer – This Creative Director of a small design firm in Connecticut will lead a discussion about what he is looking for when he hires freelancers (and he is on looking for freelancers right now because his business is growing rapidly). – Christopher Hyde, Cipher Creative Group

The various online software available to help creatives be more successful. How you can put what you’re learning at CFC into practice via software. How to be more productive and more organized. – Seth Erickson, Kodis Interactive

Using social media as a business tool. Trends in social marketing. Timing your social interaction for the greatest ROI. Carving out time to commit to growing your business through social media. – Damien Golden, iKANDEgraphics

You can’t do it alone, but who can you do it with? This roundtable will discuss what you should discuss with your partner before bringing one on, agreements you should have in place and more. And when is it time for them to leave? – Monique Elwell, Conversify

How to grow your business beyond what you can handle as a solo designer. – Elizabeth Coffey, Elizabeth Coffey Design

Managing Relationships – How to hire clients. – Luke Mysse, Crossgrain

Creative inspiration & motivation. Identity design & brand development. – Steve Gordon, RDQLUS

Non-Moderated Roundtables:

  • Freelance Writers
  • Freelance Illustrators
  • Freelance Photographers
  • Freelance Designers

Don’t those sound great? So come join us at CFC — register here (and you can still use the Marketing Mentor discount code for $50 off: CMM11). You can even register on site on Thursday, June 23, if you can’t decide until the last minute!

One thought on “Breakfast Roundtable Topics at CFC

  1. Alisa Bonsignore

    I’ll see you at Netwalking, as usual!

    I love all of the roundtable topics and don’t know which one to pick. Isn’t that always the big challenge?

    And to the new attendees, don’t forget that there are often lots of impromptu roundtables that spring up in the morning. If you can’t get a spot at your first choice table, don’t despair. There are plenty of other interesting topics that will be discussed at the open tables as well!