Bye Bye Hoodies

Deidre RienzoWe’ve addressed the issue of “what to wear” when you’re freelancing before, but here’s a hysterical repost from web copywriter, Deidre Rienzo on the Marketing Mix Blog, in case you missed it.

Sometimes, when the doorbell rings, I’m afraid it’s going to be Clinton and Stacy from TLC’s What Not to Wear.

So far, it’s just been the postman and canvassing politicians, but if the fashion police did show up, I wouldn’t be surprised.

My work attire leaves much to be desired. And I can’t pretend it’s okay anymore.

I hit a new low last week; I must admit my secret. Hopefully it’s the first step to recovery. Last week, I went to the supermarket in my pajamas. Yes, PAJAMAS. The pajama pants were black, but they had pink lace trimming, which I simply tucked inside my Uggs.

I put a jacket on over my pajama top, and left the house.

Once I got to the main road, I realized this was serious. I was in my pajamas! There was no slumber party at the supermarket. I had no excuse. I didn’t even have the flu and find myself in desperate need of medicine while being too feverish to change. I actually chose to go outside in my pajamas.

It’s hard to fess up to.

Today it really hit home. I went over to see my neighbor who just had a new baby a week ago. She was sitting around her house in a cute sweater and jeans.

I looked down at my hoodie sweatshirt (that I had elegantly paired with yoga pants and Uggs in the usual way) and realized that the orange hoodie was tie-dyed blue from a pair of socks it had been washed with. My neighbor, whose baby had just thrown up on her, looked so much better than I did.

I know it’s time to change my ways. I’ve gotten rid of all of my old hoodies and ragged t-shirts. I’m wearing jeans today. Maybe yoga pants are just for yoga after all? (Can I at least wear them on Fridays?)

Tomorrow I’m going on a mini shopping spree to purchase new clothes. I’m thinking cardigans, long sleeved t-shirts, and another pair of jeans.

Any advice for work at home wear that won’t get me arrested?

Any work-from-home fashion faux pas to share?

BTW: Deidre will be dressed appropriately when she gets to Chicago for the Creative Freelancer Conference, June 23-24. Won’t you join her there? Get the early bird deadline if you sign up before April 1.

9 thoughts on “Bye Bye Hoodies

  1. Barb Swartz

    Ok, I confess – I am NOT excited about video conferencing. I have been to the vet 3 times this week in my yoga pants (which I slept in), the t-shirt I slept in, a sweatshirt, a baseball cap and my black fuzzy slippers. I constantly live with the promise to myself that there is no point showering in the morning – I may still make it to they gym today!

    I’m going to go shower and do my hair now, promise.

  2. Lisa Lehman

    A few years ago I ran into a client while running errands and I was embarrassed by the way I was presenting myself (and my business). Now I make an effort to dress well EVERY day. The fact that I work from my home already gives people a cause to think me less than professional. Dressing well gives me some control over people’s perceptions.

    Have fun shopping!

  3. Alisa Bonsignore

    Deidre, you have no idea how this made me laugh! You know from my previous posts that I work hard to look presentable, just in case (as Lisa noted above). So what happened this morning? I decided to take my 4-year-old son out to the coffee shop for breakfast, and then go for a quick run after dropping him off at preschool. There I was with my running tights, ponytail and crumb-covered preschooler, and of course I ran into a client!

    Wear what you’re comfortable wearing. I spend a lot of time in a jeans/white tee combo that I top with a cardigan or blazer. It’s casual enough to be comfortable, but structured enough to look put together. My “cheat” outfit is leggings and a tunic: feels like pajamas, but much more presentable.

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  5. Jill Hoffman

    This made me laugh…seriously. One of the things I love about working from home is that I don’t have to do laundry as much! And speaking of Skyping…does anyone have a solution to how to skype and keep the fact that you work out of your bedroom less of a mystery? room divider? sheet? painting of a window with a view?

  6. lidia varesco design

    I love it! At my previous condo, I made of habit of greeting UPS and mailman in A) workout clothes and baseball cap, B) hoodie thrown over PJs, or C) in desperate cases: a “can you just leave the package at the door?” message in the intercom. I’m sure I wasn’t presenting myself as a serious businesswoman, but they’ve probably seen worse. (my new building has a doorman, so I no longer have this worry!)

    I admit I enjoy when I have client meetings and the excuse to glam up — but there is something really nice about not having to rush to get ready every morning. And I agree with Barb: wearing workout clothes all day DOES make you more likely to work out (or at least take a brisk walk with the dog).

    I have a client who once asked if it was OK that she come to a meeting in gym clothes (to which I replied yes, of course) So, I’m all for being comfortable!

    Thanks to Deidre and the rest for sharing your honest thoughts!

  7. Susan Fireside

    I never leave the house unless I’m dressed. You never know who you’re going to meet. When your job is about presenting an image, you have to carry that through to yourself. I also think your space that you work in is important. I have clients come here all the time.

  8. Joan

    My kind of people! The doorbell ringing or the spur of the moment request for Skype panics me too. Sitting at the computer all day one gets cold in the Northwoods up here so I am in layers of fleecy pj’s and sweats and furry slippers. I too, fool myself that I will shortly be working out so put off the morning shower, one can always hope…

    I do make sure I am dressed to go out after I ran into one of my clients at the grocery store last year. I knew he lived in the neighborhood but never thought I would run into him.