Can you manage a “nightmare” client?

On the Creatie Freelncer Conference LinkedIn Group, we have a great discussion going on about how to manage client’s expectations.

When I read Amber Weinberg’s post, The Worst Freelance Project Ever (at Freelance Folder), where she describes a nightmare client, her mistakes, and what she learned from the experience, I couldn’t help but wonder… Could managing this client differently have made him a good client?

What do you think? Here’s an excerpt:

In The Beginning
This client approached me with a seemingly simple project. Basically, it was just a simple one-page site with a form that users would need to fill out, submit and see the results below. He explained that his budget was pretty low (red flag #1!) but that he thought the project was really easy (red flag #2). In hindsight, I don’t know why I accepted the project. The two red flags already meant going against many of the principles I talk about on here. I think I was pretty slammed with work during that time and not monitoring my clients well enough.

Anyway, I sent the project to the designer. The designer sent something back to me and without looking at it; I sent it to the client. The client had a few changes and went back and forth a couple of times. Then hell started.

Read the rest here:

Have you had an experience like this? How did you handle it?