9 Client-Satisfaction Tips

Hansen Design Co. Inc. gives its clients what they want, and then some. For principal Pat Hansen and her Seattle-based firm, delivering more than what’s expected is a way of life. Hansen, who personally handles such long-term clients as the University of Washington School of Medicine, Microsoft and Boeing, offers these tips for keeping clients happy:

  1. Be consistent with good ideas. Customers will learn they can rely on you to solve their problems.
  2. Do your homework. Research every aspect of a company, its philosophy and the problem it wants to solve, to provide a dead-on solution.
  3. Look at a problem from all sides. Sometimes the best solution is found when coming at a problem from an unusual angle.
  4. Listen. Show your clients that you think they know what’s best for them.
  5. Communicate well. Develop open, frequent communication, and be receptive to criticism or worries from customers.
  6. Be honest. If something isn’t working, it’s best to address it right away. Clients will appreciate the straightforward approach.
  7. Build mutual trust and respect. Once you’ve grown to understand each other and trust the quality of results, you can rely on each other’s instincts and trust each other’s judgment.
  8. Bend over backwards. Customers will respect and be grateful to you when they see you working hard for their products.
  9. Maintain high standards. Every project is worth 100% of your effort. Don’t let quality suffer, no matter how busy you become.

HOW December 2000