Don’t let clients pounce

For my next "Freelancer Column" in HOW, I'm expanding on some of the excellent ideas from Luke Mysse's CFC session, "Who's the Boss."

On the CFC LinkedIn Group, I asked for examples of how people manage their clients’ expectations, and it started a great discussion.

Luke just added 4 great tips. Here’s one of them:

Know what’s negotiable.
The less certain you are with your process, the more you leave the door open for negotiation and interpretation. For me, confidence equals success. If I come in with a presentation that is tight and terms that are set, I’ve given the client something to say YES to. I’ve set the precedent that I’m a professional and I have my act together. But when clients sense weakness, they pounce. I don’t think it’s malicious on their part, but it’s what happens. So I just don’t give them reasons to pounce. It’s not about being a bully; I know how to do my best work and it requires a certain level of pay and control…

Read Luke’s 3 other tips for managing client expectations, and join the conversation at the CFC LinkedIn Group.