Freelancers, do you ask for help?

LIdia-cfcMaybe it’s my Leo pride or “I can do it all” personality, but I’ve always had a hard time asking for help. However, everything changed after I had a baby. No matter how motivated, inspired or energetic you are, eventually you need to ask for help when you are taking care of a newborn.

As solopreneurs, many of us feel like we need to do it all. We try to wear all the hats, including the ones that don’t fit us so well. We feel like if we ask for help, we’ll appear inexperienced or incapable. But don’t underestimate the value of asking for help—no matter where you are in your career.

Last year, I read an article that changed my mind about asking for help: You Already Know The Right People For Your Business. In it, Caroline Ceniza-Levine explained that entrepreneurs already know the people who can help them succeed: they simply need to reach out to their existing network.

This made sense to me. I knew a lot of smart, successful people. So when I had a business question or needed advice, I started reaching out to people I knew. And guess what: I got answers! It made me realize that people—especially small business owners—are genuinely interested in helping each other (especially freelancers and members of the CFC community — check out the active LinkedIn Group here).

So why try to wear all the hats? Got a question or problem? Reach out to a fellow solopreneur, former boss, colleague. I can almost guarantee you’ll find an answer.

The CFC Conference (June 22-24 in San Francisco) is a great place to ask for help. Reach out to a fellow solopreneur or speaker and you just might find that next great idea for your business. You can still get $50 off with “ILISE” promo code.