Learn How to Manage Extremes in Creative Team Dynamics

Saboteurs and SaviorsWould you agree that most people display their best professional behaviors during job interviews—both interviewees and interviewers alike? Think about it for a moment: Portfolios, clothing selections, and just about every statement uttered is a message carefully crafted to perfection, engineered (and based on varying degrees of the truth) to entice the right candidate or the most desirable employer.

As an in-house manager, you might also agree that it’s tough to determine the best fit for your team in a few brief meetings. Chances are you’ve experienced a better indication six months after making the initial offer of employment and a tidal wave of projects has flooded through your department, requiring all hands on deck. After working together for several months, the initial glow of newness wears off and the façade of perfection crumbles, revealing the naked truth—you’re working with a saboteur or a savior.

If you’ve experienced extreme shifts in your creative team’s operational dynamics and wondered: How am I going to manage this? First, realize that you are not alone. Second, register for this one-hour live webinar “Saboteurs and Saviors: Managing Creative Team Dynamics” to help you answer this question and many more.

As a follow-up webinar based on questions asked in Supercharge Your In-house Team, we’ll examine the effects saboteurs and saviors can have on creative team dynamics. And together we’ll delve into effective communication tactics and coaching skills needed to motivate saviors and shut down saboteurs. My goal is to help you learn ways to inject more harmony and positive collaboration into your creative team. I hope you’ll consider registering today for my live design tutorial held on Tuesday, December 17 at 2 p.m.


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