Lesson 1: Make time for process — always!

Always make time for process.Luke Mysse

That’s the first lesson learned from going large.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: There isn’t enough time to do it
right, but there’s always enough time to do it over.
I think the same applies to process.

For certain things, order is king. Because of the deadline on my large project, I sort of decided to just throw my process out the window and start working.

Big mistake. This lead to many false starts, some misunderstandings with the client and the need to redo parts of the project because the direction was incorrect.

If I could have a do-over with this project, I would definitely stick with these time-tested truths of mine:

Know your process.
The better you know your process, the easier it will be to explain why you do what you do and how the client can benefit. Also, the more you know your process, the less that will be up for negotiation.

And be confident in it, especially if you’ve been working this process for a long time. Go with what you know and the way you work; it’s why people hire you.

Speak up and push back.
When a plumber comes to your house, you don’t tell him how to do his job, right? He would push back if you suggested that he cut the pipe before turning off the water. Somehow, the creative process is brought into question all time and, in my case, I made the mistake of not pushing back until it was too late.

When you see things heading down the wrong path, it’s your duty to yourself and your client to speak up.

Do you have a process that you religiously adhere to? How do you handle clients that push back?

Look for lesson 2 tomorrow…

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