Lesson 3: Know Your Resets

Luke MysseKnow Your Resets

That is the third lesson I learned from going large.

Being on a deadline doesn’t mean giving up on the idea of a balanced life. Sure, there are times in our business when we have to buckle down and put in the hours, but I think it’s important to not let that become the new normal. It’s easy to come off a large project, dive right in to another project and forget to take a breath and find those resets.

While I was working on this project, I came to a point where I realized that my life and my routines were being turned upside down. Here’s how I regained my balance and my sanity:

Find a trigger.
When I hit the halfway point of my project, I started looking at which parts of my normal routine were missing and how that was affecting me. I knew it was important to pick at least one thing that I could start doing again, and I knew that one thing would serve as a trigger to the other normal parts of my routine. For me, it was yoga class.

For you, it could be going for a run or resuming a weekly coffee date with a friend. Whatever it is, find your trigger and the rest of your routines will start to resurface from there.

Realize this: Most things we worry about never happen.
Once you start to reclaim your routines, know that the temptation to give up the quest to restore your life’s balance will be greater than before. As an example, I was headed in to my first yoga class in weeks when my large project client called with a panic.

Apparently, the sky was going to fall if I didn’t send over a file. So, as I sat in the gym parking lot, I had a decision to make: Leave and go deal with the file or tell the client I was busy and would get back to them later. Thankfully, I chose the latter and you know what happened?

Nothing. The client survived and nobody lost a limb.

Have you felt the weight of a large project before? Are you feeling that right now? What are you going to do to reset this week or this month?

Come back tomorrow for my final lesson.

BTW: Download my session, Who’s the Boss?, from last year’s CFC here.