Design Business Clients: Communication & Management

Dealing with clients and managing their expectations along the way can often be the most frustrating part of design projects. Seasoned experts share advice for setting expectations with your clients, dealing with difficult situations, balancing creative control with client needs, and creating an experience that will make them recommend you for future design jobs. Dig in below and learn how to curate healthier relationships with clients from the start.

Problem Clients Video with Ilise Benun

[Video] Do You Have “Chaotic” or “Clueless” Clients (or both)?

If you’re battling big egos and unfair deadlines, you’re not alone. But for freelancers, solopreneurs and small agencies especially, one bad client can mean big problems, draining your resources and even harming your carefully built culture. In this presentation, given at Ad Age’s Small Agency Conference (2014 in Austin),  I identified 4 red flags to...


Asking the Right Questions: Crafting a Report Checklist

In the last few months, my graphic designer, Annie Riker, and I have spoken to hundreds of in-house designers about some of the work we’ve done to improve design at the National Parks Conservation Association, an opportunity that emerged following the response to my article in HOW Magazine, January 2013. One item that got...