Design Business Clients: Communication & Management

Dealing with clients and managing their expectations along the way can often be the most frustrating part of design projects. Seasoned experts share advice for setting expectations with your clients, dealing with difficult situations, balancing creative control with client needs, and creating an experience that will make them recommend you for future design jobs. Dig in below and learn how to curate healthier relationships with clients from the start.

Jill Anderson and son

How + Why I Let Go of My Biggest (and Most Demanding) Client

If you’ve ever wanted to fire a difficult (or abusive) client but weren’t sure how, the story of Jill Anderson, creative freelancer and web designer for designers, might help…. The relationships we have with our clients are one of the most important aspects of our creative business. Our clients’ happiness becomes our number one priority. The...

Alisa Bonsignore

Time to Talk at CFC? You bet!

That’s the beauty of CFC (June 22-24 in San Francisco). The speakers will be sitting at the tables with you, milling around in the hallways with you, Netwalking with you, hanging out at the bar with you. Many of us will be sticking around for HOW after CFC is over. And some of us...