Permission: it’s yours

Start your day with this inspiring post from Dyana….yes, that’s a robe a she’s wearing.

Permission granted from Dyana Valentine on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Permission: it’s yours

  1. Carla Fisher

    Love this, Dyana! You really are just a joy to watch, and I’m so glad I began my day with this inspired video.

    We go about our days with so many obligations on our shoulders, many out of fear of fitting in or in dread of what others will think of us if we don’t follow through. I am giving myself permission to take my time with my Web site revisions, as well as with getting myself back into LinkedIn, a site I’ve been neglecting for some time. I think with social media I get caught up in wondering what kind of post I need to make, and if I lose a follower I wonder what did I do wrong. But I’m giving myself permission to just be myself and share what I’d like and not concern myself with numbers or click-throughs or anything of the sort. As you would say, just enjoy it, man!

    Thanks bunches,


  2. Kristin Maija Peterson

    Girl, you rock in that red robe! Seriously needed to hear this. I need permission to let go of anxiety. Really, like right now. It’s been hanging around like a bad boyfriend who doesn’t share the expenses of rent, food or utilities, let alone pick up after himself. Could it be I hang on to it out of habit? It could be how I’m wired. It certainly doesn’t spark my creativity. What ever the reason anxiety is hanging around, I know have permission to say, “There’s the door buck-o, and don’t come back!”

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