Should You Work For Free?

This is a question my clients are constantly trying to answer.

The simple answer is “no,” of course. But most situations aren’t that simple.

In her own attempt to answer, illustrator and typographer, Jessica Hische, has created a flowchart called “Should I Work for Free?” of the complexity involved.

Which one do you identify with the most?

[via Tim Read via Tim Goldman via Taxi]

2 thoughts on “Should You Work For Free?

  1. Leslie Waugh

    I LOVE the chart and you are quite right there are not many good reasons to work for free. 9 times out of 10 it’s “friends” and family looking for a handout. My favorite by far is the “great exposure line” or “portfolio piece.”

  2. Dail Frye

    Your chart is very funny and sooo.. right! Except sometimes it’s the Mother having to do it for free for the child……what’s the comment on that situation? How many times do you hear “it’ll look good in your portfolio”?