Tell us your client nightmares

Ilise BenunWe are in for a treat! Luke Mysse, of “Who’s the Boss” fame, has agreed to answer questions here about how to handle your client nightmare situations.

So we need to feed him some doozies and see what he says. To get your juices flowing….do you have a client who…

  • Refuses to give you enough time to do your work?
  • Is bullying you?
  • Calls you every five minutes with changes but never puts them in writing and therefore never leaves a paper trail?
  • Blames all the mistakes on you, even though everyone knows it’s their fault?
  • Won’t pay?

If so, send your situation to and we’ll send it to Luke to see what he suggest.

Listen to BTW: [audio:] You can buy Luke’s session, “Who’s the Boss,” from CFC , in case you missed it.

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