The Over-Responsive Client

Alisa BonsignoreI have a new client, and so far, they’re great. I love the subject matter and the projects, and my contact person is very responsive.

That may be the problem: she’s almost too responsive. Not possible, you say? I never thought so before, but now I beg to differ.

Normally, when I’m writing, I love handing each draft off to the client. The review process takes a couple of days during which I can take a step back, clear my head, and approach their revisions – and the project as a whole – with fresh eyes.

But when the client sits down right away, reviews the project and returns it to me within hours, everything changes. The revision turnaround clock starts ticking on my end. If I wait to revisit the project, it just cuts into my writing time. And let’s face it, there’s no good way to say to a client, “Hey, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but could you hold off on your reply for a day or two?”

I’ll know better for next time, of course, and build more downtime days into the project schedule. But for now I just have to marvel at the fact that after all these years of freelancing, I’ve finally found a client that’s the complete opposite of what I’m accustomed to.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon, or have I found the one-in-a-million client?

One thought on “The Over-Responsive Client

  1. GraphicDesignBoss

    It’s a happy problem to have. Sometimes. But it is also a problem that is easily solved.

    I would recommend that on the next project in advance of starting you put together a planned time line where you can map out what kind of timing is needed to make your deadline. You’ll find that your client will slow down in their response, and it will also re set any expectation on their part that you would be ‘too slow’ in responding. As you have a clear path to meeting the deadline date.

    Hope that helps! I blog about this kind of stuff and would be happy to write for you. Check out a post “3 Smart Steps That Will Improve Your Productivity & Increase Your Profitability”