Time to Talk at CFC? You bet!

Alisa BonsignoreIt came in as a direct message on Twitter: “I have lots of questions about Client Relations. How much time will we have to talk after your session?”

My answer: “As much as you want. We’ll make the time.”

That’s the beauty of CFC (June 22-24 in San Francisco). The speakers will be sitting at the tables with you, milling around in the hallways with you, Netwalking with you, hanging out at the bar with you. Many of us will be sticking around for HOW after CFC is over. And some of us (me!) will be stocked with really good chocolate to help you overcome your fear of talking business with strangers. Business is scary. Ghirardelli chocolate is not.

My subject matter makes me take this accessibility even more seriously. I’ll be speaking twice, tackling the topics of client relations and working with corporate clients. Client relations is all about conversation. It’s a conversation between you and the client. It’s a conversation between you and your colleagues. And for a few days in San Francisco, it’s a face-to-face conversation between us. It doesn’t matter if your client is a small agency or a major corporation, in the end it’s just a conversation.

So when you’re back at the office and having a panic attack about saying “No!” for the first time, don’t hesitate to shoot an email or fire off a tweet to me or to any of the speakers you meet in California. We’ll back you up.

Alisa Bonsignore, of Clarifying Complex Ideas, has attended all 5 previous CFC conferences and this year we are so pleased that she will be one of the speakers. Her session is provocatively entitled: Saving Your Sanity Through Better Client Relations: How to Stop Apologizing, Say No Tactfully and Know When to Shut Up and Listen. You can listen to her recent podcast interview on the art of saying no (and much more).

And you can still get $50 off your registration with promo code “ALISA” — register here.