Courageous Freelancers Win TimeFox for a Year

Ilise Benun on graphic design proposalOne of the highlights of Day 1 at CFC is the Live Audit, where 2 brave freelancers have volunteered to open up their business to me and to the world for scrutiny and for help!

I promise to be gentle with my critique. I’ll be providing “next steps” to 2 freelancers: Lisa Kay Misitrano of, who’s looking to take her full-time freelancing business to the next level and Trudy Gove, who’s looking to go from part-time freelancer to full-time freelancer.

I’ll be reviewing their materials and their positioning and then giving them each 3-4 next steps to move forward.

And as a small thank you for being so open and generous with their business, FunctionFox has offered to give each of them a complimentary 1-year subscription to TimeFox, (value of $378).

The prize package includes: timesheet and project cost entry, client, project and personnel reports, controlled access to client, project and personnel information, controlled access to features, and custom options.

With TimeFox, Lisa and Trudy will get:

  • All their information in one place! Finally, a system that compiles, stores and gives you access to invaluable project information quickly and easily.
  • Powerful, customizable reports. Pull reports with the specific information you need on clients, jobs, personnel and expenses. The reports are available instantly, any time, anywhere.
  • Speedy implementation. Most TimeFox customers are up and using the system in less than an hour. No off-site training, no long, boring user manuals, no hassle.

Would you be brave enough to do this in front of a couple hundred of your peers?