Design Project Management Software Solutions

Choosing and implementing design project management software can be a daunting task. In HOW’s March 2013 In-House Issues column, Cella Consulting’s Jackie Schaffer walks you through the process step-by-step so you can pick the right solution for your in-house team. Here is her handy list of design project management software options.

ProjectManagementTen years ago, many in-house creative leaders, including myself, launched DIY initiatives to develop time-tracking and project-management solutions for their teams. Considering the multitude of off-the-shelf solutions available today, it’s hard to imagine why we did it.

But if you step back and consider the lack of an in-house community at that time, it makes sense—there weren’t organizations dedicated to supporting us. Therefore, we either roped the IT department, a web developer or perhaps our dedicated department Mac support specialist with FileMaker knowledge into helping us “invent the wheel.” Little did we realize that there were already solutions out there for us. But it’s not exclusively our fault—the makers of these solutions didn’t really know about us either. Thankfully, since that time, several passionate organizations and in-house leaders have worked to establish an in-house community.

While I was a DIY kind of gal, I’m now an off-the-shelf convert. There are many solutions—with various prices and functionalities—available, which actually can make the decision process even more challenging. Download Cella’s Workflow & Project Management Technology Providers worksheet for a comprehensive look at all the options that are available.

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