Design Management: The Process & Business of Design

Design industry veterans and respected business consultants will help you learn how to successfully manage a team of creatives, become an effective business leader, encourage collaboration and develop a positive culture for your design business or in-house design team. Whether you are new to the management game or have been at it for awhile, improving your management style can only make for a better workplace environment. Find tips and techniques from the pros here along with stories of success.


How To Manage Your Workload

If your New Year’s resolution involves becoming more efficient, you’re in luck. AtTask’s management expert Bryan Nielson has some tips on how to manage your workload. Read on for his advice. For more tips on improving workflow, check out another post from Nielson here. All too often, creative work is compared to working in...

Clients. Who needs ’em?

Well, here’s the thing, you do. Unlike a design agency, you can’t choose your clients and you can’t fire them either. Let’s face it. You’re stuck with them. They came with the place and aren’t going anywhere. And because your stakeholders are only an elevator ride or maybe a cubicle away, there are a...

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Project Management Whack-A-Mole: Who’s Accountable?

The problem with project-management is that many organizations do not have a plan in place for who is going to bear the weight of keeping the team on track. Without accountability, the responsibility is often not appropriately handled or worse yet, ignored, which opens the door for more complex problems.

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Using The Design Process to Resolve Project Conflicts

Every designer has worked on a project that has had moments of frustration. Some frustrations are common and have become part of design lore. The client who changes the direction of the project late in the game; the client who can’t leave the content alone and makes multiple revisions right up to the deadline;...


Keeping a Graphic Design Contract Simple

Want to know the trick to creating a contract that’s easy for both parties to understand? Ditch the lawyers. These 13 user-friendly clauses will lay the foundation for a frustration-free business partnership for both you and your client.